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Hi!  I'm Michael Massey, and this site showcases some examples of my work.  Click on 'Listen' to hear a variety of mp3 recordings.

My particular services include voice for websites, e-training programs, podcasts, audio books, academic narration, museum guides and corporate work of all kinds, where a warm, reassuring, confident, educated voice is required required.


'Audio for Accessibility' is another of my services.  It is now a requirement that information should be accessible to all, and audio can make a vital contribution to such accessibility.  Please contact me for further details.

If you need a complete audio package


  • Scriptwriting and/or editing
  • Voice narration or reading
  • Background music (especially composed or from my library - click here for samples)
  • Effects (please click here for a sci-fi based sample of voice, music and effects) 
  • Mastered CDs sent by first-class post
  • mp3/wav files emailed directly to you
  • ftp service also available

- my 'all-in-one' service could be the answer.

Apart from studio facilities, I also have portable recording equipment for interviews and other location work.

My fees for voice work, depending on the product, are sensible, and reflect the complexity of your project. 

Please see my contact page for details of how to get in touch.


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